Psychological Support for Families, Children and Adults

Hello, I am Vikki. I am a Chartered Consultant Psychologist and the founder and Director of Treasure Keepers ®.
I established Treasure Keepers ® as I felt there was a need to offer a service that was aimed at helping ‘Little Treasures’ to be kept in a stable and happy family home. The service offers specialist psychological support and intervention for Carers, Adopters, Birth Parents and professionals of children and young people with complex emotional and behavioural needs that are experiencing developmental trauma.

Treasure Keepers® specialises in offering this support to children often who are Looked After or Adopted as well as to children from Birth families.

You, as Parents and Carers are the ‘Treasure Keepers’. The aim of the service is to help you find understanding and strategies to help renew your confidence and ability to best respond to the children and young people you are caring for.

The hope is that this support of your Therapeutic Parenting helps cultivate a happy family & home life, logos4more resilient children and young people, and rewarding and fulfilling relationships within your family.

In essence, Treasure Keepers® would like to help you (through applying an experience and evidenced-based approach) to admire, adore and appreciate your ‘Treasure’ and keep it happily close to you within your family or placement.

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