Welcome to Treasure Keepers

Hello, I am Vikki. I am a HCPC Registered Highly Specialist Psychologist and the Founder and Director of Treasure Keepers®

I established Treasure Keepers ® as I felt there was a need to offer a special service that was aimed at helping our ‘Treasures’ (children & young people who have experienced developmental trauma) in a compassionate and innovative way.

 These Children and families/placements deserve special services designed for them to give them a better chance at a better life. 

Treasure Keepers® offers  specialist psychological support and intervention for Carers, Adopters, Birth Parents and professionals of children and young people with complex emotional and behavioural needs that are experiencing developmental trauma.

The Service has developed bespoke Models of intervention designed to give the best outcomes in the best way for our young people and their families.

This includes the TREASURE © Therapeutic Parenting intervention model and the GEMS © Assessment and individual psychological therapy model.

The aim of the service is to help you find understanding, hope and strategies that support your a home life and help you generate

Stability, Strength and Sparkle

You, as Parents and Carers are the ‘Treasure Keepers’. You have the power to transform lives that may not have had the easiest of beginnings.

Treasure Keepers® recognise the considerable task of parenting children and young people experiencing developmental trauma.

We have a passion about providing quality, responsive, innovative services and hoping that this enables our Treasures to sparkle.

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Treasure Keepers ® is a Registered Trademark

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The GEMS Individual Psychological Therapy Model is held by Vikki Cohen, 2020

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