Psychological Support for Families, Placements & Young People experiencing Developmental Trauma
mum and me

Vikki’s Resources: Me (aged 3) with my Lovely Mum


Here are a selection of links and downloadable material that We at Treasure Keepers personally recommend:

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We recommend our Companion Company ABC Behaviour for support in schools


Treasure Keepers also follow the British Psychological Society policy guidance on Confidentiality and Record Keeping

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Recommended Websites:

For specialist support with Adult emotional difficulties:

Recommended Reading:
From Fear to Love: Parenting Difficult Adopted Children by B. Bryan Post (1 Mar 2010)
Parenting a Child with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (Parenting Matters) by Dan Hughes (24 Sep 2012)
Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control: Volume 1 by Forbes LCSW, Heather T. (1 Jul 2010)
What Every Parent Needs to Know: The incredible effects of love, nurture and play on your child’s

My Mum (aged 6) with My wonderful Nan

Vikki’s Resources: My Mum (aged 6) with My wonderful Nan. My Nan is still an incredible influence on my family and my work

development by Margot Sunderland (7 Jun 2007)