What We Do

The Treasure Keepers® Service is a psychologically based approach offering specialist parenting intervention and support to Foster Carers/Friends and Family Carers, Adoptive Parents and birth families who experience developmental trauma.

The service includes a full neurosequential psychological assessment  and intervention plan report for the child/young person and their Carers/Parents.

The intervention support sessions monitor the presentation of developmental trauma currently active for the child/young person and how Parents/Carers can best offer therapeutic parenting strategy to help manage this. The parenting strategy interventions follow the Treasure Keepers® specialist model to help assist and adjust parenting approaches to help promote better relationships and well-being within the family/placement.

We offer different intervention package is a bespoke intervention that is tailored to consider the best understanding and intervention for your specific family/placement.


What might our support look like?

Direct consultation with a Counselling Psychologist applying evidence-based knowledge about the psychology of young people experiencing developmental trauma

Individual Psychological Therapy and Specialist parenting consultation, intervention and support to Adoptive families, Foster Placements and Birth Families

Comprehensive Psychological assessment

Individually tailored parenting strategies following the  bespoke ‘Treasure Keepers’ ® model (which is founded in psychological research).

Individualised psychological/emotional support to Carers to help them understand the demands of parenting a young person experiencing developmental trauma.

Group and individual psychological support and advice to Social Care  Professionals  or other Professionals to help them explore and understand the challenges of working with developmental trauma.

Accessible Support giving  options  to  Carers (and professionals) of meeting in their own home (where appropriate for Parent/Carer Consultation only) , in a clinic setting or in another agreed venue. Contact can be made between sessions via email, text or telephone. Telephone support and crisis support also available.

Bespoke Training Packages created from psychological research & experience to meet
professional needs.

The Treasure Keepers Model