Psychological Support for Families, Children and Adults

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The Treasure Keepers® Service is a psychologically based approach offering specialist parenting intervention and support to Foster Carers/Friends and Family Carers, Adoptive Parents and birth families. The support is offered to families and placements of children and young people with.complex emotional, behavioural and trauma needs. The service includes a full psychological assessment (including a trauma history) and intervention report for the child/young person and their Carers/Parents.

The intervention support sessions monitor the presentation of developmental trauma currently active for the child/young person and how Parents/Carers can best offer parenting strategy to help manage this. The parenting strategy interventions follow the Treasure Keepers® specialist model to help assist and adjust parenting approaches to help promote better relationships and well-being within the family/placement.

Following the assessment you are provided with a bespoke assessment and intervention report. This will detail the recommended strategies and the recommended length of intervention. Sessions are often offered on a once monthly basis but this is responsive to need and can be adjusted. Support can also be offered on a more intensive basis if there is a ‘crisis’ period or if it is thought from the assessment that it would be beneficial to offer an initial intensive input at the beginning of the intervention (for example initially meeting once a week for 6 weeks).

We offer different intervention packages for birth families, adoptive families, Families with Looked After children, ‘Friends and Family’/ ‘Connected Persons’  families and families where there is court/Local Authority involvement. Each session is a bespoke intervention that is tailored to consider the best understanding and intervention for your specific family. No two sessions are ever the same! Sessions tend to focus on looking at any presenting issues; understanding why and where these may have arisen from; looking at interactions and relationships within the family
and looking at the best possible strategies that could work for you and your family.


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Direct   consultation   with   a   Counselling Psychologist. Applying  evidence–based knowledge about the   psychology of Looked After/Adopted Children and young people (for example, research  on Trauma, Attachment, Biological states, Psychological formulations, Emotional and  Behavioural Management  and  Mental health)

Comprehensive Psychological assessment  This can be up to 8 assessment sessions. This includes an initial referral meeting where the parents and social care practitioners are invited to meet together with the psychologist; assessment sessions with the parents; one session withshutterstock_39878638 the child/young person in the family and a feedback session on the outcome of the assessment.

Individually tailored parenting strategies following the  bespoke ‘Treasure Keepers’ ® model (which is founded in psychological research).

Individualised psychological/emotional support to Carers to help them understand the demands of being an ‘extraordinary parent’. Sessions encourage reflection on how a Carer’s own responses and their own history may combine with the child’s trauma history. How this can interplay in the relationship between the carer and child.

Group  and individual psychological support and advice to Social Care  Professionals  or other Professionals to help them explore and understand the challenges of working with children/ young people with complex emotional and behavioural needs. Easy accessibility for professionals to consult a Counselling Psychologist for suggestions and/ or opinions from a Psychological PerspectiveBeach

Accessible Support giving  options  to  Carers (and professionals) of meeting in their own home , in a clinic setting or in another agreed venue. Contact can be made between sessions via email, text or telephone. Telephone support and crisis support also available.

Bespoke Training Packages created from psychological research & experience to meet your
professional needs. Recent courses included ‘Reaching the hard to reach’ & ‘There’s  no place
like home: Maintaining placement stability’ .


The Treasure Keepers Model:

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