About Us

Treasure Keepers® is a specialist, innovative, psychological service, supporting children, families and professionals living with or supporting lives affected by developmental trauma.


The service aims to help young people and their families or placements to discover and treasure their stability, strength and sparkle.


The service offers high standards of clinical governance and quality assurance therefore, Service Users and local authority commissioners can be confident that clinical practices undertaken are carefully supported, evaluated and directed with the highest levels of clinical practice and ethics. 


The Treasure Keepers® models give a clear and evidenced-based framework on what is likely to assist parenting to ensure adoptive families or fostered families are supported before they start to struggle, as well as when life has become more difficult.  


The Treasure Keepers ® models are informed by multiple theories to create an integrative approach and strive for best practice.

The Treasure Keepers ® models are designed to be multimodal and broad in scope, which has been demonstrated to be successful in reducing the effects of traumatisation (Perry, 2006).  


Our models include learnings from the research evidence and clinical practice & theory. This includes influences from developmental trauma research (Van der Kolk), child development, neuroscience research, attachment/relationships theories, Body & Trauma theories, regulation approaches, Neurosequential therapeutic approaches, psychodynamic theories and other therapeutic approach theories (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Systemic Therapy). 


This enables strong and stable families to be cultivated. The intention is to help create loving families that can meet developmental and often complex needs of their children. 


Treasure Keepers ® aim to be responsive to need and avoid delays for this population in accessing specialist services.


Treasure Keepers® service was specifically designed to offer high quality partnership practices and excellent outcomes have been achieved through joint-working practices with Local Authority Social Care, as well as with schools and with local NHS Child and Adolescent teams.   


Currently the service operates across Thurrock, Havering and Essex and is primarily commissioned by Thurrock Local Authority children’s services.


Treasure Keepers® service has seen rapid growth in 2019.


Detailed complex GEMS © assessments completed within 3-4 weeks allows the service to continue to offer low waiting lists and the immediate commencement of specialist psychological interventions upon confirmation of agreed funding. 




Mission Statement

Young People are the Treasure of the future and the Treasures within our homes.


The service aims to help young people who have experienced developmental trauma and their families or placements to discover and treasure their stability, strength and sparkle.


We believe that the experience of Parenting can be Treasured and supported to enable the cultivation of strong, stable families and placements.


Treasure Keepers® passionately believe that Parents & Carers are the key to young people’s resilience, regrowth and recovery from Developmental Trauma.

We believe that building and strengthening relationships, developing young people’s emotional, mental & physical skills, and establishing safety and stability enables families and young people to sparkle and cultivate their potential.


We believe that children who have experienced developmental trauma should have an enjoyable childhood, and benefit from excellent parenting, enjoying a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents and skills and to the cultivation of a successful adult life.


We believe that supporting Parenting and Professionals to enable a strong start to lives can reduce the development of Adverse Life Experiences (and repeating patterns of trauma) and enable the experience of parenting to be treasured.


Treasure Keepers® offer the highest quality of services delivered by accredited & registered Therapists and Psychologists and clinically governed by the Clinical Director (A highly specialist Consultant psychologist with population-specific experience since 2007).


Treasure Keepers® works with individuals of all religious and cultural backgrounds, with a learning, or physical, disability and of different sexual orientations (in accordance with our equal opportunities policy).