Child & Adult Safeguarding and Protection Policy

Safeguarding and protecting children and Adults is of the highest priority for Treasure Keepers.

Any concerns around risk, crisis management or critical incidences for Children or Adults should be managed in line with the guidance within this policy.


Treasure Keepers Service Users are safeguarded from all forms of abuse, exploitation and discrimination, whether deliberate or inadvertent, in accordance with written policies and procedures.


This policy is also applicable to Children or Adults who are not Treasure Keepers Service Users, but with whom Treasure Keepers comes into contact.


Safeguarding also means being proactive about promoting and maintaining a child’s well-being. Aiming to avoiding situations where children could be at risk of developing not well or become at risk of harm.


Designated Safeguarding Lead (and Service Manager)

Jo Groom


Telephone: 07984948091             


The safeguarding policy and child protection procedures are in line with the ‘SET Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures’ and all relevant legislation and government guidance (please refer to the policy in full for further details (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD POLICY PACK )


Key Principles:

·       Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

·       For services to be effective each professional and organisation should play their full part 

·        A child-centred approach should be adopted: for services to be effective they should be based on a clear understanding of the needs and views of children