Complaints & Compliments Policy

This policy is written in line with all applicable legislation and government guidance (please refer to the policy in full for further details). (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD POLICY PACK )


We also encourage feedback from our Service Users (Adults and Children) and have a postbox outside the consultation rooms in which they can post their thoughts and ideas.



As a Service we value feedback.

Compliments and complaints are valued as a source of information and enable us to reflect on how we can further improve and innovate in our service.

All Service Users, referrers and training course attendees will have access to this policy.


Children and young people also have a separate children’s guide which explains the complaints policy. This is available in printout or can be downloaded from our website.


Complaints will be handled with efficiency and each stage will be concluded within 28 days.

Complainants will have the right of appeal.

Confidentiality will be maintained at all stages.


Treasure Keepers ® aims to use compliments to enable us to develop a service of excellence and to encourage all our professionals to be the best they can be.

A compliment may be made about an individual, or the organisation as a whole and may be made by both those external and internal to the service.


Aims of the Compliments Policy

To ensure that compliments received are properly recorded, acknowledged and communicated to the individuals who are being complimented.

To identify areas for improvement and potential good practice can be identified and used to promote a higher quality of performance


Treasure Keepers have a complaints management process.

Such complaints would be invited for submission to the Director of Treasure Keepers or to the Service Manager.

If the complaint should be about the Director, then all Service Users are advised at the point of initial contracting how they can make a complaint to the British Psychological Society; and/or the Health Care Professionals Council; or to Ofsted.

The complaints procedure as detailed below would be initiated by the Director and then if it cannot be resolved through step 1 (informal) then this would follow the process of step 2 (formal) but would be reviewed as in step 3 by the independent person. This would be to avoid bias.

If the complaint is about the Registered/Service Manager, then this should first be raised to the Clinical/Service Director and then the complaints process (see below) will be followed if required.

If a complaint is about the service as a whole then Service Users are advised (In the Children’s and Adult’s Treasure Keepers Services Guide) to contact their referring Local Authority Commissioning Team.

Aims of the Complaints Policy

The aim of this policy is to enable any individual who comes into contact with Treasure Keepers to have information regarding the process in place for receiving formal feedback on the services which we provide.

Treasure Keepers believes it vital to operate in an open and accountable way in order to build commissioner and Service User trust and therefore gladly welcomes all types of feedback, including negative.

Treasure Keepers ® aims to respond to comments positively in order to ensure that we keep our commitment to clients and provide as quality a service as possible.

This policy sets out the process that a complaint will go through from its inception to its satisfactory resolution agreed upon by Treasure Keepers ® and the complaint creator.

Despite the set route that such comments take when received by Treasure Keepers ®, every case is considered individually so that the most relevant action is taken.

The purpose of the Complaints Procedure

Initially the purpose of formally processing complaints is to be able to determine the cause of the complaint.

This can then lead us to assess why this complaint came to be and if relevant improve processes to prevent reoccurrence.

There are two desired results of the complaints procedure:

1) Initially to ensure that the complainant is fully satisfied with our proposed resolution.

2) To enable Treasure Keepers to look at the way we manage services using the complaints to assist us in avoiding the issue occurring again in the future.

By analysing the complaint, we believe we can provide a better quality service to our Users.

We encourage individuals who wish to make a complaint to contact Treasure Keepers directly by email  on

Treasure Keepers always aims to provide a timely response.

The more information provided, the quicker Treasure Keepers will be able to provide a satisfactory response.

Treasure Keepers will ensure complaints can be made by a person acting on behalf of a child. Details of how to do this are provided within the Children’s Guide (page 10) which is distributed to every Child and Young Person receiving Treasure Keepers Services.

We will do all we can to help or support in the making of a complaint, where this is necessary.