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Treasure Keepers offer the following training and consultation services


Professional consultation/ Clinical Supervision/Reflective Practice

Training Set Topic Full Day

Training Set Topic Half Day

Evening Workshops

Training Bespoke Topic



Professional consultation/ Clinical Supervision/Reflective Practice


Virtual or Site session delivery


Objectives: To support the workforce in the challenges of working alongside developmental trauma. Value is placed on education and in supporting settings to understand and respond in a helpful way to children with trauma histories.



Training (Set Topic) Full Day (6 hours)


Full Day Workshops:



Training Set Topic Half Day (3.5 hours)

Half Day Workshops:



Evening/2 Hour Workshops- course package


Therapeutic Parenting Training (Level 1 or Level 2)

Further details on the Set Topic specific delivery aims & outcomes can be provided upon request.



Training Bespoke Topic Workshops

Full Day (6 hours) Virtual Delivery:

Full Day (6 hours) Site Delivery:): 


Half Day (3.5 hours) Virtual Delivery:

Half Day (3.5 hours) Site Delivery:


Objectives: To offer a training service to professionals/Parents& Carers who walk alongside developmental trauma.

  • Treasure Keepers® can offer bespoke workshop and training programmes which can help professionals & parents/carers to develop their skills in understanding developmental trauma, offering therapeutic parenting and managing wellbeing (themselves and their young people)

  • The content of these workshops can be adjusted depending on the target group attending (Adopters, Foster Carers, Parents on the ‘edge of care’; Birth Families who have experienced Adversity)

  • The training topic area can be defined by the commissioning organisation can be constructed upon request

  • Full Day trainings have a skills practice workshop element included.