Welcome to Treasure Keepers

You, as Parents and Carers are the ‘Treasure Keepers’.

You have the power to transform lives...

These Children and families/placements deserve special services designed for them to give them a better chance at a better life. 

Treasure Keepers® offers specialist psychological support and intervention for Carers, Adopters, Birth Parents and professionals of children and young people with complex emotional  and behavioural needs that are experiencing developmental trauma.

The Service has developed bespoke Models of intervention designed to give the best outcomes in the best way for our young people and their families."


Vikki Cohen BSc (Hons) MSc DipCounsPsy C.Psychol AFBPsS HCPC registered 

Treasure Keepers Clinical & Service Director

Stability, Strength and Sparkle...

"I established Treasure Keepers ® as I felt there was a need to

offer a special service that was aimed at helping our

‘Treasures’ (children & young people who have experienced

developmental trauma) in a compassionate and innovative way.


‘The Glue’

Tears running down my face,

Full of guilt and disgrace,

I shouted at her last night, something I rarely do,

Because I am the mother, the nurturer, ‘The Glue’


‘The Glue’ that holds this family together,

I can normally face any adverse weather,

But I am tired and worried about what she will do next,

A bite, shove or threat, or a punch in the chest,

Everyday things that we now see as our norm,

Our Home, the Hurricane, the Typhoon, the Storm.


Reaching out to my friend who lives a similar life,

Comparing our ‘wounds’ that cut like a knife,

Not just the physical but emotional too,

They are the deepest, they even cut ‘Glue’


Where was the training to give us insight?

Of the lives we may lead and the fights we may fight,

Fighting the schools who do not always know,

What ‘Developmental Trauma’ is and how it may show,

Fighting the medics who label our kids,

With familiar titles that don’t always fit


Compassion Fatigue, the symptoms so clear,

I am one of the millions that hold it so dear,

I love my daughter with all my heart,

But nobody told me it could tear our family apart


So, ‘professionals’ if you read this please understand,

you will never know ‘Developmental Trauma’ unless you have lived it first-hand,

Yes, TP, therapy and courses can help,

I have lost count of the recommended books I have read from my shelf,


But please understand, you need to remember this,

You are not there when we are being constantly hit,

Or trying to explain why our kids do what they do,

To the person they have just been extremely rude to


You get to go home at the end of the day,

And your home is safe and a haven to rest,

But ours is a never-ending constant test,


         Trying to be Playful, when she is physically destroying our home,

          Accepting her fully, when I feel so alone,

being Curious and helping her understand why,

                 Empathising with her when I just want to cry


I don’t really know what else I can say,

Maybe someone else will read this and say,

This poem has helped them in some kind of way,

Whether this is from someone like me, who feels as I do and sees what I see,

Or professionals, family and friends who can hold the key,

In helping families and someone like me


I am ‘The Glue’, but I do not always stick,

Sometimes I just need someone to come quick,

And spend time with me, or my daughter to give me a break,

A chance to take a breath, have a cuppa, eat some cake,

To stop the developing enormous Earthquake,

And to prevent me from saying, ‘It’s All I Can Take’,

Someone to show me it is going to be okay,

To give me the strength to start another day.



Written by Anon (An Adoptive Mum)

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