Our Services

The Treasure Keepers® Service is a psychologically based approach offering specialist parenting intervention and support to Foster Carers/Friends and Family Carers, Adoptive Parents and birth families who experience developmental trauma.



The Service Provides a thorough, detailed assessment to enable effective understanding and bespoke intervention design.

  • Each young person referred receives a full and comprehensive complex psychological assessment (including psychometric testing to monitor outcomes) and intervention planning reports for the child/young person and their Carers/Parents.​

  • Treasure Keepers® provide 4 separate reports following the assessment of a young person and their family/placement:

  1. Treasure Keepers® GEMS © Assessment Report

  2. Treasure Keepers® History and Psychoeducation Report

  3. Treasure Keepers® Intervention Report

  4. Treasure Keepers® Funding proposal Report

Treasure Keepers® Psychological Therapy interventions

Objectives: To enable children to have a coherent self-view, emotional resilience and sense of inner stability. Knowledge and understanding of their background. Young People are encouraged to develop their emotional, intellectual, social, creative and physical strengths. For Young People to find their ‘sparkle’.

  • The service offers neuro-sequential Psychological Therapy to children and young people utilising our bespoke GEMS © model.

  • The model is integrative, neuro-sequential (bottom-up) and multimodal (many different types of approaches are used within sessions).

  • Parents/Carers are usually included in these sessions to promote regulating, connected relationships

  • The service also offers family and play-based therapies.

  • Standards of practice are carefully monitored and governed by the Clinical Director to ensure interventions meet the needs of young people experiencing developmental trauma/adverse childhood experiences.

Treasure Keepers® Parenting Consultation Intervention

Objectives: To support Parents & Carers to help develop and stabilize their relationships, explore behavioural and emotional responses and understand the impact of past experiences (both the young person and themselves as Parent/Carers). To enable Parents & Carers to strengthen their understanding of the emotional, social, physical/health and psychological needs of the children they are caring for. To cultivate the ‘sparkle’ of their young people and build their confidence, assets, talents and resilience.

  • The Treasure Keepers® parenting consultation sessions offer Parents/Carers an understanding of parenting through using our TREASURE © This is a trauma sensitive model

  • The therapeutic parenting strategy interventions follow the Treasure Keepers® specialist model to help assist and develop parenting approaches and so help promote better relationships and well-being within the family/placement.

We offer different intervention package is a bespoke intervention that is tailored to consider the best understanding and intervention for your specific family/placement.

Treasure Keepers® Professional consultation/ Clinical Supervision

Objectives: To support the workforce in the challenges of working alongside developmental trauma. Value is placed on education and in supporting settings to understand and respond in a helpful way to children with trauma histories.

  • Treasure Keepers® respect the complexity and personal impact of working alongside developmental trauma/Adverse Childhood Experiences. It is very important to support professionals in this endeavour to enable them to manage the stress of dealing with trauma and adversity.

  • Treasure Keepers® places a significant value onto clinical governance.

  • All Associate practitioners working directly with young people and families have monthly case supervision within the model delivered by the Clinical & Service Director.

  • They are also then expected to gain additional clinical supervision within their own specific discipline.

  • All Treasure Keepers® Team members also attend regular team development days and model refresher workshops.

  • Treasure Keepers® offer clinical supervision/reflective practice to other professional groups including Social Care Practitioners, School Staff and other support professionals.

  • Clinical Supervision & reflective practice support can assist the professional to make sense of their work, how it impacts on their personal life and what could be triggered from within their own past.

  • This support then enables the professional to maintain standards of practice, maintain their wellbeing and continue their work.

  • Without this there is a risk of poor physical health, absences and poor professional retention in workforces supporting developmental trauma/those experiencing adverse life experiences.

  • Such support can help sustain their passion, and continued commitment to their profession. It is well known that the rates of burnout, lack of staff retention and secondary trauma are high in the population of the workforce that support developmental trauma (both health and social care).

Treasure Keepers® Workshop & Training Intervention

Objectives: To offer a training service to professionals/Parents& Carers who walk alongside developmental trauma.

  • Treasure Keepers® offer various workshops training programme which can help professionals & parents/carers to develop their skills in understanding developmental trauma, offering therapeutic parenting and managing wellbeing (themselves and their young people)

  • The content of these workshops can be adjusted depending on the target group attending (Adopters, Foster Carers, Parents on the ‘edge of care’; Birth Families who have experienced Adversity)

  • Specific Learning Outcomes can be devised in partnership with the subscribing agencies.

  • This training can be promoted within Local Authority Teams (Adoption/Looked After Children)

  • Training workshops/events are revised and modified based on feedback comments

  • The effectiveness of training events can be evaluated within meetings with partners (Local Authority Teams/schools/Health Care settings).

Services For Adults

Psychological Therapy sessions can be offered to individuals who would like to develop their own ‘inner treasures’. This may be working on specific mental health difficulties (such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, Trauma) or on personal development (working on self-awareness, confidence and personal insight). Sessions work under an integrative model which is individualised to each person. Interventions are likely to include Cognitive Behavioural Strategies, Emotional regulation skills and psychodynamic understandings.


A full assessment and history is taken initially including completion of the Personality Assessment Inventory and clinical report from this.


Intervention sessions are 50 minutes in length and are usually offered on a once weekly basis although this is individualised and can be offered on a 2, 3 or 4 weekly basis.