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The Treasure Keepers® Service is a psychologically based approach offering specialist parenting intervention and support to Foster Carers/Friends and Family Carers, Adoptive Parents and birth families who experience developmental trauma.


Assess to Services

Treasure Keepers accept referrals from Local Authorities and individuals seeking a service connected to the experience of developmental trauma.


We work primarily with Local Authorities who are seeking services for Children and Families experiencing Developmental Trauma.


These families/Placements may be accessing therapeutic services under the Adoption Support fund.


Funding for Treasure Keepers Services can also be gained from other Local Authority Childrens Services Teams (i.e Children Looked After and Children In Need Teams).


Usually, Service Users referred by a Local Authority will have been assessed under the Adoption National Minimum Standards 15.2 and Regulation 13 of the Adoption Support Services Regulations 2005.


Special Guardians will usually have been assessed under the Special Guardianship Support Regulations 2015, Regulation 11.


If this has not occurred and it seems that that Regulation 13 for adoption, or Regulation 11 for Special Guardians applies, Treasure Keepers will support the access of assessment through the relevant Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) or local authority Special Guardianship/permanency service.


If considered helpful, then we will inform the service user’s authority of the assessment services available within Treasure Keepers so that these can be commissioned if they should wish to do this.


Please MAKE CONTACT if you would like to discuss a referral further.

Services Offered



GEMS Complex Specialist Assessment


Objectives: To provide a thorough, detailed assessment of wellbeing, trauma and attachment/relational responses to enable effective understanding and bespoke intervention design.

  • All assessments provided by Treasure Keepers are delivered by suitably qualified Practitioners (Psychologists, Systemic Therapists, Psychotherapists)

  • Treasure Keepers are able to provide specialist assessments for:

  • Psychological Assessment

  • Assessments of therapeutic needs


Treasure Keepers Specialist Assessment process is to provide 4 separate reports: 

  1. Treasure Keepers GEMS Assessment Report (neuro-sequential/trauma response mapping)

  2. Treasure Keepers History and Psychoeducation Report (trauma history)

  3. Treasure Keepers Intervention Plan. This includes the Integrated TREASURE & GEMS Therapy Support Plan.

  4. Treasure Keepers Funding proposal Report


  • Treasure Keepers allow for 24 hours/sessions in the whole assessment process. This includes time to read and synthesise referral information (referral form, Child Permanence Reports, Medical Reports etc). The sending and interpreting the psychometric tests as well as the analysis and presentation of the data.

  • Treasure Keepers provide a high level of quality assurance and clinical oversight during the assessment process, the write up and the end reports.


GEMS Complex Specialist Assessment:

  • The assessment uses a combination of clinical interview, assessment tools, and creative/projective activities to understand the profile, attachment style and trauma responses of the young person.

  • A sample assessment report is available upon request.

  • Assessment tools are used to provide information about the child and the care giver. These help to profile the young person and also provide a baseline for the intervention to be monitored. In a standard assessment Treasure Keepers use the following tools; Trauma Symptoms Checklist, Clinical Assessment Behaviour, Behaviour Rating of Executive Function, Parenting Stress Inventory. You will see in the case samples that other tools can be used for individualised cases.

  • Creative assessment activities include the use of Therapeutic Treasure Deck (Karen Treisman) and the Child’s inner world drawing which they provide an interpretation of.

  • Each GEMS assessment contains an executive summary which is a condensed version of the whole report- highlighting ‘what is working well’, ‘worries/barriers/concerns’ (this area usually contains a brief overview of the trauma history, any diagnoses and the nervous state poly vagal mapping).  The executive summary also includes the ‘way’s forward/recommendations’ this is an area to highlight any recommendations around medical assessments for ADHD/ASD which Treasure Keepers are not able to assess.

  • The reports are all designed to be structured in a way that is easy to read for parents/carers in the executive summary- the main body of the report is more detailed, and the language is more applicable to Social Worker/professionals.

  • The appendix aspect of the report provides the psychological in-depth clinical information which provides greater details and can be shared with medical professionals if needed to explore any further assessments.




 TREASURE Parenting Consultation & Therapy Intervention


Typical Annual Number of sessions: 12-26

Virtual or Site Delivery cost fixed


Objectives: To support Parents & Carers to help develop and stabilize their relationships, explore behavioural and emotional responses and understand the impact of past experiences (both the young person and themselves as Parent/Carers). To enable Parents & Carers to strengthen their understanding of the emotional, social, physical/health and psychological needs of the children they are caring for. To cultivate the ‘sparkle’ of their young people and build their confidence, assets, talents and resilience.


  • The Treasure Keepers® parenting consultation sessions offer Parents/Carers an understanding of parenting through using our TREASURE © model. This is a trauma sensitive model.

  • The therapeutic parenting strategy interventions follow the Treasure Keepers® specialist model to help assist and develop parenting approaches and so help promote better relationships and well-being within the family/placement.

  • Families require a specialist assessment prior to intervention commencing

  • Sessions would usually be offered on a fortnightly basis over the period of one year (26 sessions)




GEMS Psychological Therapy interventions

Typical Annual Number of sessions: 12-26

Virtual or Site Delivery cost fixed


Objectives: To enable children to have a coherent self-view, emotional resilience and sense of inner stability.  Knowledge and understanding of their background. Young People are encouraged to develop their emotional, intellectual, social, creative and physical strengths. For Young People to find their ‘sparkle’.


  • The service offers Psychological Therapy to children and young people utilising our bespoke GEMS © model.

  • The GEMS approach is an organizing framework which enables integrative psychological therapy to be delivered by a Specialist Clinician.

  • Parents & Carers are often invited to these sessions to maintain their position as the primary co-regulator and to help develop relational quality between parent/carer and child

  • These sessions run alongside the TREASURE Parent Consultation which is offered on a Fortnightly/Monthly or Bi-Monthly depending on the recommendations from the assessment and the agreed level of funding

  • These sessions can only be offered after a GEMS specialist assessment has been completed.

  • The integrated therapies may be attachment, psychodynamic, systemic, humanistic or cognitive-behavioural and are the model constructs around this in a neuro-sequential framework.

  • It is recommended that these sessions may be play/Theraplay © informed and often include the primary caregiver within each session.

  • Treasure Keepers® Associates are qualified and specialised Practitioners who have been carefully selected to work within the Service.

  • Treasure Keepers® apply a GEMS © neuro-sequential approach within therapies which is Integrative and ‘bottom-up’.

  • This means that therapies are offered which consider that the lower brain and then mid brain need to be active to be able to reach the higher brain.

  • This is an integrated and holistic approach which includes working with the body, relationships, experiences and thinking in an individualised way for the young person.

  • It is also linked to our TREASURE © Parenting Model.

  • Sessions would usually be offered on a fortnightly basis over the period of one year (26 sessions)

TREASURE & GEMS Intervention Package

A combined intervention package of Parent Consultation & Psychological intervention


Typical Annual Number of sessions: 12-26

Virtual or Site Delivery cost fixed



Treasure Seekers ® Therapeutic LifeStory Work

Number of Sessions: 24


Objectives: To enable Young People to have a clear understanding of their past experiences and journey to adoption/being looked after.  To assist Young People to develop and reflect on their inner resources/treasures  throughout their life journey.


  • Treasure Keepers® have created the Treasure Seekers © Therapeutic Life Story model

  • This approach is a trauma-sensitive and clinically informed model and can look different from other life story approaches.

  • The model is delivered by our Treasure Keepers ® Trained clinicians who can use their clinical skills and experience to ensure the model is delivered in a safe and effective way for the Young Person

  • The model is informed by other Life story work approaches (such as the Richard Rose Therapeutic Life Story Work method) but is also informed by psychological approaches and practices.

  • This is a phased approach

Session costs include:

  • 1 pre-assessment session

  • 5 hours for information gathering.

  • 18 direct work sessions

  • This may be a more suitable approach for Young People who have experienced significant levels of developmental trauma



Relational Inspiring Nurturing Get-through-together (RING) sessions


These sessions are an embedded service ‘extra’ available to all Service Users and their Key professionals


  • Ring for a RING session! Wraparound care contact with the Treasure Keepers ® Service Manager (Therapeutic Social Worker) in between Consultation/Therapy sessions.

  • These telephone sessions can be accessed during the working week as needed by the family/placement

  • They offer a combination of support, containment, risk management, crisis management and advice within the Treasure Keepers ® Models.

  • If required, the RING session can also be offered by the Clinical/Service Director.



Support Groups:

2 hour Virtual /Site Delivery Session


Please note that Clinic Space can be used for site delivery for a group of up to 2 Parents/Carers at no additional cost

Larger groups on site may incur additional premises hire costs

If a site can be provided, then only travel expenses would be added for site delivery.


Objectives: To provide a safe reflective space for Parents & Carers to explore matters relating to parenting children experiencing developmental trauma. To encourage peer support and peer network development